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Stop Diet How to lose weight but not exercise

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Jeong Ji-so

Actress Jeong Ji-so made waves when she portrayed the childhood of Moon Dong-eun, Song Hye-kyo's character in The Glory.

She is a former child actress who is best known for her role as Park Da-hye in the film Parasite. She also starred in Netflix's Hell.

Surprisingly, in Hell, she plays an angel with red eyes. In "Hell," the angel suddenly gives people the date of their death, giving them the creeps.

"When I was thinking about what kind of actor I wanted to cast, I thought she looked similar to the image in the concept art, so I asked her," says director Yeon Sang-ho.

Like a chameleon, she transforms her image to play various roles. In this article, we'll tell you how she does it.

Athletic background

Statham stands at 5'2" and 45kg. As a child, she was a promising figure skater. She went to the rink for a school holiday and was encouraged by her teacher, who recognised her talent.

She didn't quit until her first year of junior high school because she felt it was a waste of time and effort.

However, he always wanted to be a TV personality and decided to pursue acting because it was something he wanted to do, something he wouldn't regret trying even if he failed.

Why you can lose weight even if you hate exercise

She used to work out in the past, but she says she lost strength during her time off, and she used to work out so intensely during her figure skating career that she hated the word "luck".

However, when she was preparing for the film, she went to the gym and worked out a lot under the guidance of a fitness instructor because she thought it would help her in her action roles.

She remembers stretching for the film. It made her more flexible. He revealed that his past workouts helped him in his acting.

When it came to losing weight, she said she was able to handle things like dieting on her own.

However, she doesn't have any regrets about stopping exercising, and she thinks it's better that it remains a hobby.

She said that she went on a diet to get into shape for her role in the film "How to Be".

In the past, she used to eat three meals a day, but she changed her diet completely to eat less and do a lot of activities.

He was filming a drama about idols at the same time as he was practising for action, so he had to practice a lot of dancing and singing, and he lost weight naturally.

He plays the role of Imaha, an idol in the drama Imitation.

When he came across Imaha in the webtoon to analyse the character, he was shocked at how feminine she looked.

She admits that she wanted to be recognised by the fans of the original, even though it was a manga character, so she wanted to make sure she looked the part.

In fact, she says she was always chubby, so she immediately went on a diet.

She said that she often felt tired and hungry when she was acting alongside her diet, but that she was able to smile and shoot because she was more grateful and precious for the time she had to play Maha.

As an actress with no experience as a singer, it seems that she put in a lot of effort to get the role of an idol.

In addition to the time they spent practising together, she said she lived in the rehearsal room by herself every day. Still, she says she was thrilled to be able to play her childhood idol.

Relaxation and hobbies

Her hobbies include horse riding, figure skating, singing, and dancing, and she enjoys spending time with her family.

She said that her sister is her biggest source of energy and that she is very cute to watch. When she comes home, she plays games to recharge her energy.

Other than that, she loves mint chocolate so much that her Instagram handle is mint.


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