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Pet owner distraught after profanity is written on her cat's incubator

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A woman has been left 'in pieces' after she found the word 'f****r' written on the side of her dying cat's incubator at a London vet clinic.

Joleigh Anne was horrified to see her pet's last moments marred so crassly after rushing the animal to Medivet Beckenham at midnight and facing the news that her four-legged friend was passing away.

In a public Facebook Group, the pet owner revealed she was left 'in pieces' after checking on her pet during his final moments. She felt like he had been 'abused', hitting out at the clinic's 'unacceptable' practices. 

A distraught Joleigh had shared a photo of the disheartening moment, in which the poorly cat can be seen lying spiritless on the incubator floor. 

Observations including the animal's weight can be seen written in marker on the glass container - and shockingly, in the top right, one can also see the word 'f****r' scribbled on. 

Joleigh Anne said she was 'in pieces' after discovering the profanity written on the top right of her dying pet's incubator

'I can't believe people looking after animals would do this,' Joleigh wrote. 'I'm in pieces. I left him there with them. I feel like they've abused him now and not treated him correctly.'

She went on to warn others against going to the Beckenham site, brandishing the actions of the veterinary practice as 'unacceptable'.

Joleigh has stated that she would be taking further action, however it is not unclear what this will entail. 

Well-wishers clamoured into the comments, offering their support to the grieving cat owner.

'This is appalling, I'm so sorry,' one sympathised, 'This business needs to be thoroughly exposed.' 'Honestly, that's absolutely horrible,' a second agreed. 

She warned others from going to the veterinary practice in Beckenham, London (pictured). She also claims she will take further action

Other locals came to comfort and support the grieving pet owner, with some expressing their own bad experiences with the veterinary 

Others alleged that they had issues with the Medivets in Beckenham, saying: 'I'm so sorry for your loss. I also had issues with this vets on more than one occasion. I have only ever used them for absolute emergencies. I hope you get some justice'

Another quipped: 'We have had bad experiences with them when we lived in Beckenham. I'm so sorry for " your loss.'

Some hoped that the offensive inscription was simply a miscommunication, commenting: 'God I seriously hope that those letters are an acronym for something and not an actual description of the poor cat.  So very sorry for your loss Joleigh.'

One person retorted explaining: 'In a professional environment they should have written "care" which means he may bite or scratch. But they have used their own words and it really makes them appear uncaring and unprofessional.'

MailOnline has reached out to Medivets for comment. 


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