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How Lee Soo Kyung turned her diet into a weight loss regime

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Actress Lee Soo-kyung is known for her cheerfulness and smile. It is amazing that she has been acting for 20 years, even though she is in her 40s.

Lee Soo-kyung has been on hiatus for a while, but she has been studying acting and taking care of herself so that she doesn't get lazy. She is 167cm tall and weighs 47kg and has a slender figure. When asked about the secret of her diet, she said that she changed something and became thin. Let's find out more about Lee Soo Kyung"s dieting secrets.

Lee Soo Kyung and her diet

In general, Lee Soo Kyung said she tries to think positive thoughts. She also revealed that she tends to get stressed out a lot, and that she used to not talk about her discomfort. As a result, it would build up in her mind and explode all at once, and she couldn't handle it, so now she tries to speak up and resolve any discomfort on the spot.

And Lee Soo-kyung, who is known as a homebody, said that she is still a homebody and does a lot of things at home, one of which is aromatherapy. She explained that she is sensitive to scents and that they help her a lot when she is in a bad mood, so she even got a certificate in aromatherapy.

What Lee Soo-kyung really means

When we looked into her daily routine, we found that she was serious about food and alcohol. She went on a lot of food tours and enjoyed various types of alcohol. Although she eats a lot of different things, she tries to keep a low profile. And I definitely eat a lot of healthy food at home. I often ate seasonal and natural foods.

She believes in eating regularly, even if she skips washing her face in the morning. She recommends apple, camembert cheese, and an egg for a healthy breakfast, which she learned from an acquaintance.

Lee Soo Kyung's eating habits

She said that she tries to eat healthy food rather than instant products. She said that she used to go on a lot of diets, but since she changed her eating habits to healthy ones, she hasn't gained as much weight as she used to, so she doesn't diet anymore. She also plays golf for exercise.

She said she wants to continue acting for the rest of her life and feels like she's let go of a lot of other things. She concluded by saying that her goal in life is to continue acting for a long time and to be happy and healthy.


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