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How to Get to 0 Visceral Fat on the Yoon Diet

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Yoon Sung-bin Diet

Yoon Sung-bin is a South Korean skeleton athlete and the first Asian gold medalist in sledging. He recently measured and released his in-body measurements, which showed a height of 178 cm and a weight of 91 kg. He had a skeletal muscle mass of 48.9kg, which is more than 50% of his body weight, and a body fat percentage of 8.3%. The standard body fat percentage for men is between 10 and 20 per cent. According to an InBody representative, Yoon's InBody results are surreal and have never been seen before. The graph for muscle mass went through the roof, while the figure for visceral fat was so low that it threatened to break through the floor. His thighs measure 25.5 inches at 67cm. Let's take a look at the diet of the athlete with monstrous physique.

Sung-bin Yoon"s off-season diet

The athlete originally weighed between 73 and 74 kilos, but when he first bulked up for sledding, where weight is crucial, he went up to 90 kilos in about two months and then down to 86 kilos. To do this, he said he binged on eight meals a day, including chicken breasts and sugar-free rice cakes, while doing intense strength training. However, no matter how much he exercised, it was not easy to digest eight meals a day, and there were many times when he felt like throwing up. In the end, he won the gold medal for South Korea.

After the Beijing Games, Yoon decided to take a break from sledding for a while. He hasn't had a proper break in the 10 years since he made his debut and recently suffered from burnout, so he decided to take a year off. He said he wasn't sure if he had lost interest in skeleton or if he was just tired and wanted to take a break, and if he didn't, he might retire from the sport.

However, Yoon's definition of rest is completely different from most people's. He said he doesn't want his body to get weak, so he works out for about three hours every day at two gyms near his home. He said that if he had to work out at 100 per cent during the season due to his physical condition, he is happy that he can now work out at 200 per cent without any worries. Yoon Sung-bin replied that going to the gym is like going to a restaurant for him, it's a hobby and relaxation (??).

As for his diet, he said that he eats mainly chicken breasts for six days and eats his favourite chicken for one day, joking that "I will eat all the Korean chicken."

Yoon Sung Bin's Current Diet

Yoon Sung-bin says he doesn't really have a specific diet, just home-cooked meals and regular meals. For breakfast, he eats a hearty Korean meal, but afterwards he adds a salad and a 200g chicken breast. After breakfast, he takes a variety of nutritional supplements: (Nutricost) HMB, (Now Foods) Raw Maca, (SAN) Testo Hardcore, (Nature's Way) Multivitamin, and Omega 3 twice a day. He also takes (PrimaForce) beta-alanine, (SAN) creatine, and (Dr U) protein, two scoops a day, about 60 grams.

After an intense morning workout, he ate pork belly for lunch and chicken breast for dinner. After the workout, he played golf and ate a normal meal in the evening, and afterwards, he ate another 300g of chicken breast and drank two scoops of protein.

Yoon emphasised that the most important factors in building a strong body and gaining muscle are nature and diet. Since he weighs over 90kg and has quite a bit of muscle mass, he usually eats 160-180g of protein a day. However, his protein intake varies from day to day, so he doesn't include it in his protein calculations, and he calculates it based on the protein in a chicken breast. As a result, he eats about 1kg of chicken breast a day. She gave a tip that you shouldn't eat chicken breasts thinking, "I'm bored," but should eat them mindlessly.

Also, Yoon Sung-bin has very low levels of visceral fat, and it's safe to say that he doesn't have any. Yoon Sung Bin also asked, "How does visceral fat build up? It was similar to Kim Yeon-ah asking, "What's a midnight snack?"

So I asked him what he does when he's really hungry at night, and he said, "I put a chicken breast in it," and he sounded cool about it, like he's adding fuel to the tank. Or he compromises with himself by eating fruit or something. Translated with (free version)


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